Women and Money Dialogue for Social Change

women-and-money-logoThe purpose of this page is to store our research and  resources and to develop our Women and Money Dialogue  by sharing data points and ideas before our real time Face to Face meeting.   Dialogues for Social Change Model

This event is sponsored by the Minnesota Women’s  Caucus for Art and The Katherine B. Nash  Gallery at the University  of Minnesota.  Details


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September 11, 2016 from 3:00-6:00 (and beyond) at
The Katherine B. Nash  Gallery at the University  of Minnesota,
405 21st Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455

 A Dialogue For Social Change.  

Outcomes September 11, 2016

An interactive conference where the attendees will explore their old money, gender and race constructs, change perspectives on their worth and design strategies to act on their newly defined values. The attendees will take away tools to negotiate and identify their power. In the process they will change their:  Income/Outcome

Interactive Discussion Topics:

1. Race and Gender Power: Perception and Reality.
Facilitator: Carolina Borja.   carolinaborja@icloud.com  Art    Resume  Website

Discussion Resources: Resources-1-Race-and-gender-power-perception-and-reality

2. What’s Your Street Value?  Know your worth: how the story you tell yourself matters.
Facilitator: Kristi Hemmer hemmertime@hotmail.com   Bio  Website

Discussion Resources: Resources-2-whats-your-street-value-_____________________________________________________

3. Art As Social Change: Is it All About The Money?
Facilitator: Barbara Rogers Bridges drb@bridgescreate.com  Art  Resume Website

3. Resources-3-art-as-social-change

Limit 30 Participants. Want to Join the Dialogue?  You must register.  drb@bridgescreate.com


10 min Introduction to the Dialogues for Social Change model. (Barbara Bridges)
Facilitators will quickly share what they know so far:
15 min. What’s Your Street Value? 1 Know your worth: how the story you tell yourself matters. (Kristi Hemmer)
15 min Race and Gender Power: Perception and Reality.(Carolina Borja)
15 min Art As Social Change: Is it All About The Money? (Barbara Bridges)

Participants will rotate through the groups.
Break 1 into 3 groups 30 min.
Break 2 into 3 groups 30 min.
Break 3 into 3 groups 30 min.
Report out. 20 min. (All)
Connecting.  10 min. (All)
Discussion continues after 6:00, if desired.


Final Proposal

Click Here for  Resources Bank


Click Here for the Woman and Money Call for Art

Communications from Barbara


Dialogue Members: Please send Dialogue resources and your bio and website!!

Barbara Bridges  drb@bridgescreate.com  Art  Resume Website
Kristi Hemmer <hemmertime@hotmail.com>   Bio  Website
Carolina Borja <carolinaborja@icloud.com>  Art    Resume  Website
Ellen Angela <thewomenandmoneyproject@gmail.com>
Andrea Edstrom  andrea@andreasartgallery.com  Art   Resume  Website
Beth Grossman  www.bethgrossman.com     More
Shira Richter <artistshira@gmail.com>
Shaun Kelley Walsh  
Sarah Nassif <
Anne Kleinhenz
Paige Coletti-Swenson
Noreen Buhmann
ann meany
Bethany Clarke
Candace Carlson
Jessica Tank
Carolyn Halliday
Hamza Musse
Jill Waterhouse
Kohler, Krystal
Shira Richter
Ophelia Flame
Candy Kuehn Email
Bonnie Bottoms


Post me to request participation.  drb@bridgescreate.com