Three WAves

Three Waves 2015   $5,000.00
Mixed Media
24” W X 18” H X 4” D

Three Waves will appear at the Guerrilla Girls event in Minneapolis in January 2016  CLICK HERE   AND HERE  OPENING NIGHT  All EVENTS:  Interview  All show

Death of Feminism Discussions:
This discussion will include a number of hot topics and personal perspectives focused on how young people who identify as women navigate the art world today. The conversation is open to the public and will use a modified Open Space Technology to engage the participants. Artists assisting include: Kate Renee, Carolina Borja and Andrea Edstrom, as well as Barbara Rogers Bridges as moderator. This event is sponsored by the Minnesota Women’s Caucus for Art.

First, Second, Third and Fourth Waves

I have spent a lifetime pondering waves. Hailing from Maine, over the last 64 years I have experienced, and reflected on, the impact of waves on us as biological organisms – often fighting against each other. Where the waves meet is where the action is.

As a scholar, I have spent many hours examining, oftentimes in excruciatingly minute detail, theoretical waves of human thought. Waves deliver
tranquility, sustenance and insight – along with trash and terror.

In reconsidering the history of feminist thought, I discovered Christine de Pizan, born in 1365 in Venice, Italy and who left us a collection of brave and still relevant reflections. I have created what I am now calling a sextet. A sextet is a group of six people or objects. Sometimes they sing.

I feel that Three Waves, which has the look and feel of a very elegantly painted Mexican or Russian icon, starts a song which I hope to facilitate with feminists from all Waves – and beyond. When opened, the sextet interior space features an homage to the Guerrilla Girls, one to The Blazing World character, Harriet Burden, by Minnesota author Siri Hustvedt, and finally, one arresting example from Minneapolis Third Wave feminist Kate Renee. Please contact me to join the conversation.

Bridges, B. 3 Waves Main 4

Details and card holder for Three Waves

Bridges, B 3Waves Card holder detail 1 Bridges, B 3Waves detail Siri message Bridges, B 3Waves Siri Panel Bridges, B. 3 WAves Cardhoder Main Bridges, B. 3 Waves detail 6  Bridges, B. 3Waves Cardholder detail 2 Bridges, B. 3Waves Cardholder detail 3 Bridges, B. 3Waves Cardholder detail 4


Bridges, B. Three Waves Detail 1



Bridges, B. Three Waves Detail 1, Mixed Media

8” W X 5” H Skulls and frame











Just as women’s bodies are softer than men’s, so their understanding is sharper.
Christine de PizanThe Book of the City of Ladies

A person whose head is bowed and whose eyes are heavy cannot look at the light.” Christine de PizanDitié de Jehanne d’Arc

“Not all men (and especially the wisest) share the opinion that it is bad for women to be educated. But it is very true that many foolish men have claimed this because it displeased them that women knew more than they did.”
Christine de PizanThe Book of the City of Ladies

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