• The committee discussed possible issues, trends and topics focused on Money and Women.
  • The committee identified the target audience for the discussion: Creative women and the people who support them.
  • All agreed we do not want stadium seating.
  • All agreed the limit of attendees will be 30.
  • All agreed 3 rotating topic groups.
  • All agreed that we should use a modified Open Space Technology design to manage the convening conversation and generate the questions. An interactive conference with the following model:



10 min Introduction to the Dialogues for Social Change model. (Barbara Bridges)

15 min. What’s Your Street Value? 1 Know your worth: how the story you tell yourself matters. (Kristi Hemmer)

15 min Race and Gender Power: Perception and Reality.(Carolina Borja)

15 min Art As Social Change: Is it All About The Money? (Barbara Bridges)
Break 1 into 3 groups 30 min.

Break 2 into 3 groups 30 min.

Break 3 into 3 groups 30 min.

Report out. 20 min. (All)

Connecting.  10 min. (All)


Goals and Objectives: Women will…

  1. Be less fearful about their finances and money.
  2. Value the power of money and understand how to better leverage it for the good of their future and those they love.
  3. Learn tips about handling money as artists that may apply to other creative entrepreneurs.
  4. Visualize the future impact money will have in their lives if they create a change today.
  5. Reflect on the way gender and race informs their lives as people and artists.
  6. Investigate the power, and possible income potential of practicing art as a social change agent.
  7. Develop real strategies for real change that starts tomorrow.


Possible Outcomes:

  1. A network of MONEY experts, organizations, and resources for women to reach out to in the metro area.
    2. A MONEY and WOMEN series to follow up.
  2. Economic and social change.
  3. Encouraging art making that changes social attitudes of gender, race and money.
  4. Redesigning healthy relationships as artists.



Creative women and the people who support them.


Possible Questions:

1).How do you sabotage yourself with money?

2)How do you negotiate?

3).How do you (measure your) value your worth?

4). What ideas on money and worth are you still holding on to? Which should we leave behind?

5). What (limiting) beliefs about money have been passed down in your family? Society?

6). How is money empowering/disempowering?

7). What is your income/outcome?

Possible Outcomes of the Convening Conversation:
Networking for Opportunities
Find Creative Colleagues
Possible Collaboration
Voice Development and Empowerment
Opportunities to Share Multiple Perspectives

Economic Security