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            Dr. B’s Summer 2019 Open Studio

Emily Forbes <>  PD

Open Studio Fundraiser for Sailfest on Feb 1, 2019. 1:00-3:00.

You could create a wranklet, healing Abuela doll, mille florie jewelery. scarf, handmade character beadpendant.

If you want to make a healing doll or a wranklet you might want to bring a special small object to incorporate in the doll.   This is not a trauma workshop but if you are interested in this topic….Here is information on my Trauma recovery series:

My studio is upstairs in Quinta Camelinas.  First left after Bomberos and then first right.  $400 pesos includes most supplies.

Sydney Byron, Ilona Beedie, Pat Warren, Linda Willis, Karen, Rosanne Licciardi



Pat and Rosanne

Linda and Ilona with their special tea and

BTW….I have been teaching art for 40 years and YOU can be creative. If you were a victim of one of those first grade teachers who told everyone to draw a pony and if you could draw a pony that looked like a pony- then YOU were creative- the rest of you not so much.LET GO OF THAT. Being able to draw realistically is not a marker of creativity!! I will teach you how to create something fabulous!

Ilon's scarf

Ilona’s scarf

Pat wranklet

Taller de trabajo 

Rent my second room at Quinta!

January 25, Shaunene Bishop, Teri McTavish, Jodi Chu, Lynne Burns, Lockhart, Anne
Deb Bryant, Wilma Neufeld, Ginger Mumford

February 5 Julie Fredrick, Gloria C. Bellack, Tammy Miller, Snow Wiech
Katie Smith, Bev Smith, Rosanne Licciardi



 Request a Custom Workshop   Dialogues for Social Change

Open Studio  July 21

I will open my studio on July 21 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Limit of 10 people. $15 includes supplies and a snack.  All ages welcome. Pre-registration and fee required. Send to I take Pay Pal at the preceding email address or send a check to 2323 Monroe St. NE, Mpls, MN 55418.


Bring a memory object of your own and make art with me (Optional)
Sculpture Examples or make a wranklet! 

Read More about Barbara’s Studio Experience

Please visit me during the Art-A-Whirl Friday, May 18th – 5:00-10:00 p.m., Saturday, May 19th – Noon-8:00 p.m. AND on Sunday, May 20th – Noon-5:00 p.m


Bring an memory object of your own and make art with me Optional). All ages  $10.00.

Pictures from 2018 Art-A-Whirl

Read More about Barbara’s Studio Experience
Read More About Art-A-Whirl Workshop 

SailFest T-Shirt Workshop Fundraiser

Join us for a SailFest fundraiser on February 9th, 2018 from 1:00 – 5:00  at the studio of Barbara Bridges located in Quinta Camelinas, Río Balsas #2 – CP 40894 Zihuatanejo. Bring your SailFest T-Shirt.

Come early and have lunch at Natasha’s lovely restaurant. Order her incredible German bread. Barbara has been a teacher for over 40 years- she can help you make a unique and one-of-a-kind remembrance of SailFest 2018. Post Barbara at to register. Limit 10. $15.00 donation to Sailfest.

Start on the road to La Ropa, take a left at the Bombers (fire station) . Take the first right and go to the end of the block.



Natasha and Antonio

Bridges, Barbara. Head Shot

 La Escuela Puentes

Located in the Penthouse Suite at Quinta Camelinas, we had great fun in 2016 making art in my studio.
See Art Makers

Join me starting Feb 7, 2018. See Quinta Camelinas:

Please visit me during the Art-A-Whirl Friday, May 18th – 5:00-10:00 p.m., Saturday, May 19th – Noon-8:00 p.m. AND on Sunday, May 20th – Noon-5:00 p.m bring an memory object of your own and make art with me. All ages  $10.00.

Read More about Barbara’s Studio Experience
Read More About Art-A-Whirl Workshop

Past Workshops and Events

Minneapolis   Minnesota

COG dIFF tSHIRT SMALL2Winona State University

Dialogues For Social Change Project

September  7

Location   Click Here for Details

income-outcome420  Income/Outcome

September 11, 2016 from 3:00-6:00  at The Katherine E. Nash  Gallery at the University  of Minnesota   Income/Outcome Dialogue Details

WCA Death of Feminism Workshop mcdill
 High School Workshop

Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop 1

 Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop II
Social Practice WORKSHOP OCTOBER 3

 Sandy Point, Maine

aa Beach FM painting

Maine Workshop    at Chateau Mer : Details: September 2016 Artist Workshop and Retreat  

Maine: Pictures from the 2013 Retreat

Maine: Pictures from the 2008 National Art Educators Workshop


studio4Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop May 2, 2015   with assemblage artist, Barbara Rogers Bridges, at her unique NE Minneapolis arts district studio at 2323 Monroe St. NE on .  Click Here for Pictures of  Cabinet of Curiosities Workshop
Brought to you by WARM  Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota

* Sandy Gillespie
*Anne Kramer <>
* Layl McDill <>
*Laura Burlis  Sculpture.
*Gainey, Kathryn A. <
*Debra Ripp <>
* Susan Gainen <>
Susan Bowles
Anne Kleinhenz <> Studio Assistant

SP Sunset 5 x 7
Retreat  for  Social Practice Collaborators

July   3-11, 2014  The summer meeting incubated at the International Sculpture Center Symposium in Miami (at the mentoring lunch with Janet Echelman) was a great success. The retreat, at Barbara Bridges’ cottage,  was a week of creating, reflecting, and planning for the future.  We continue to seek participants with a wide variety of  philosophical viewpoints and experiences. We are particularly interested in National and International partners for collaboration on a social practice project focused on the environment.Pictures from the 2013 Retreat

1. Participants agreed that environmental topics were a common interest.
2. Participants were interested in collaborative creating and Keith Andrews asked Barbara Bridges to join his Nos-otros Project which has plans for touring in the United States and South America.
3. Several Participants are interested in meeting to discuss using our collective professional and artmaking experiences to advocate for social practice art events and developing strategies for exhibiting this art form to effect the maximum impact. Statement of Purpose
4. Several Participants are interested in starting a residency exchange community.

* Keith Andrews will be ready to share his studio in the winter of 2016.  Andrews’ World
* Barbara Bridges will hold another retreat in June of 2016. Date and Time to be Announced. Join us for a week of art making and discussions focused on collaboration and public and social practice art. Location and dates to be announced. More details:  Click Here to See Chateau Mer (the cottage).     Residency: Social Practice and Public Art :  Sandy Point, Maine If this experience sounds like a fit – post Barbara with your ideas.
* Katherine De Barrueta is preparing for her upcoming solo expo in The Museo Fernando Garcia Ponce-MACAY Museum in Merida, Yucatan Mexico. Entitled WINGS her exhibit will include works carved from Local limestone and black steel. Katherine lives and works in Merida, Yucatan Mexico.

Creativity Teaching – Creative Learning
Building Community with Art, Environment, English & Spanish 
with Dr. Barbara Bridges and Robert Masla


Join founder Barbara Bridges, and Casa founder, Bob Masla as they build on previous and environmental work started with the Boca Middle School by Bob and his wife and Casa co-founder, Monica Levine, as well as curriculum research started by Barbara in 2012. Work on developing your own artistic endeavors, developing technique and craft, while creating your own visual and conceptual artwork guided by Bob and Barbara. We will also have the opportunity to work with the students of the Boca School to design and create an “interactive environmental art installation” at the school.

Barbara’s area of research focuses on multiple truths as the pathway to reducing human conflict. Her last visit to Casa de Los Artistas revealed the idea that within our society’s paradigms the common view is: “la creatividad es peligrosa” (creativity is dangerous. Places of education and learning that need to foster creativity often focus on education of the intellect, neglecting the intuitive and holistic vision of the “creative”. The skills needed to develop “visual thinking”, critical thinking, and problem solving are often deemed unnecessary and unconsciously seen as a threat to the status quo. This week will take shape around the group’s desires and interests. We anticipate a shared learning experience where discussions will continue in the evenings to help us identify the obstacles as well as tools necessary for developing the courage and practical strategies to live a creative and considered life and ways in which individuals may be able to share these insights with others.

Using your media of choice, create your own artwork to explore how creativity is dangerous for YOU! This is a magnificent opportunity to discover the incredible versatility of various media and to explore the depths of your creative self. Come relax in the tropics and let loose the studio in this fun and creative workshop, where there are no mistakes, only opportunities for change!


“Take to the air” A multimedia found object sculpture created by Barbara Bridges

My visit to Cuba in 2002 was very enlightening. I was conducting research for a unit on the objects created during the “Especial Tiempo” (special time) after the Soviet Union’s economic collapse. I met (on the sly) with dissident artists who had staged a traveling extra-national exhibit which had been shut down by Castro’s regime. “Take to the Air” is an art work created to use an exemplar for a unit called Creatures Cultures. Click here for the entire unit! Please feel free to try the lesson in your class room. Click here for the entire unit! Please feel free to try the lesson in your classroom. Please send me pictures if you do!!

This workshop would be valuable for artists, teachers, students of education; those interested in Spanish and cross-cultural dialogue as well as humanitarians. All of the usual cultural excursion traditional gourmet cuisine meals and other delightful activities that make the Casa Experience unique and memorable will be included in this workshop.

1 to 3 college credits available for additional fee through Bemidji State University as well as CU’s available (no fee). Mention interest when you register and information will follow.

Have you ever been a student of Dr. Bridges? Apply for a $100.00 scholarship! Include a one page rationale outlining how you will incorporate your experience at Casa de Las Artistas into your curriculum development strategies and how it might inform your practice.

Barbara founded the Sandy Point Art School from 1980-1990 and organized and led a workshop at her cottage and studio in 2008. Participants: Doug Boughton, Past-President, International Society for Education Through Art; Kerry Freedman, NAEA Higher Educator of the Year, Past-Editor, Studies in Art Education; Mary Ann Stankiewicz, NAEA President (2003-2005); Laurie E. Hicks, Founder/Editor The Journal of Gender Issues in Art and Education; Pat Stuhr, Department Chair, The Ohio State University; Madelynne Engle Conceptual Sculptor, US Embassy, Hilton Collection, Monsanto, E F Hutton, Bank of America, San Diego, California and me!


Doug Boughton- President of the International Art Educators,
holds a seminar on the deck at Chateau Mer
More information.