Outcomes September 11, 2016

all-threeKristi Hemmer, Barbara Bridges and Carolina Borja led their workshop Income/Outcome of 25 participants immediately following the brilliant presentation by Israeli Shira Richter.  As a longtime teacher, I was struck by how our sessions were so differently designed and wished I could attend the  sessions of my colleagues.  The common theme across all the sessions was the focus on dialogue. My Dialogues for Social Change received an intensive workout during my whirlwind visit to Minneapolis. I did a workshop at Winona State University the same week. Details: http://bridgescreate.com/winona-dialogues-for-change  As we move forward in American culture  I think we are entering the era of the woman and most definitely the power of visual communication. Studies reveal that 87% of current student learning comes in visually.  Our time is NOW!  It was so affirmational to be in a room of 25 amazing, energetic, talented women.  See here for more details and pictures of the Income/Outcome Workshop. http://bridgescreate.com/women-and-money-planning-committee

g4Testimony Shira Richter:  Shira Richter This is a workshop I would love to attend again! Barbara Bridges Rogers has such humor, humility honesty flexibility and openness. Her mantra is “There is no one truth, there is A truth” which means there is no one way to do something, so she is always open to the person and also the moment. This is such a fresh breath of air! She also cooperates – and brings into the workshop many different leaders and ways. So yes, she walks the talk. Which is no easy feat. This workshop should be an ongoing event, it is so valuable. Thank you all! I learned so much, all workshop facilitators were extremely generous with their knowledge. Honesty and our shared humanity came easy.

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