Talking Chairs

Talking Chairs

Conception & Construction

10,000 Lakes and 1 Mighty Miss  2012

Appeared at Art-A -Whirl 2013
Appeared at  Minnesota State Fair 2014. Won Honorable mention.

26″ W X 48″ T X 28″ D  Mixed Media, Rescued chair, drift wood, zebra mussel, taconite, Pual Bunyan plate, plaid fabric

In the artwork “10,000 Lakes and 1 Mighty Miss” I employed a methodology I call “recordari”, from the Latin “to remember, call to mind (re-restore and cor, genitive, cordis heart, understood by the ancients as the seat of judgment and memory” I would like to identify “10,000 Lakes and 1 Mighty Miss” and artworks like it, as representing our “lived experience” in visual form. I suggest we are practicing “recordari”. as “10,000 Lakes and 1 Mighty Miss” takes you on a journey which explores and records all the waterways I have visited in Minnesota. My adventuring was particularly soulful since I am a Maine native and a Franco-American. I have called Minnesota home for 17 years.  Maine claims Paul Bunyan as their native son. Imagine how curious I was to view the Paul Bunyan sculpture residing in Bemidji, where the university I have worked at for a decade is located!  Read More 

Mighty Miss
Eastern Knowing

 10-Talking-Stik The interactive  installation, Talking Chairs,  was designed to  provide the viewer with the opportunity, the invitation, the safe environment –  under the guise of performance art, to reflect on questions like “Is Minnesota Nice just Passive Aggression?” , “What is the Difference Between Genius and Madness?”,  “What Do Book Smarts Earn You” and/or other topics.  The artist will start the discussions, and actors, speaking with the authentic voice of their personal experiences, (and then audience-perhaps salted with participants -a la flash mob), will then be provided with the opportunity to speak from their own experience and interpretation of the worldview of the persona of the chair they occupy. The artist herself will occupy “the Mainer chair” and moderate the discussion, drawing on her forty years of teaching experience to keep the discussions dynamic and civil. Only the person in possession of the talking stick may speak.  The viewers may be invited to take a seat and join the discussion.  The artist will invite participants to add objects to the Talking Stick to imbue it with the power of their voice(s)  The next performance question will be: “How has the Trump administration effected your life?” I am looking for a venue.

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