Eastern Knowing

Eastern whole frontEastern Knowing  2015
Mixed Media
24″ X 24″ X 48″  


In my Human Relations class, I help the students understand that our western “way of knowing” is only ONE valid truth. We are taught, particularly here in the United States that our ideas are THE truth.  This includes aesthetic taste.  The “minimalist” aesthetic, we are taught, is GOOD TASTE.

 This chair challenges that concept.

 Sit. Enjoy. Close your eyes. Reflect

Eastern detail 1Eastern Thought  stool  Eastern Thought2 Eastern detail 2Eastern Thought







I created Eastern Knowing from an old chair given to me by Gail Gannon. The new chair was installed in the Asian Room.

My neighbor, Keith, gave the old chair a new home.  Everything old is new again. SP Keith and Chair