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Re: Homosexuality as  a mental illness: The APA (the American Psychological Association which has a strangle hold on our writing style and THE credible source on mental illness)  took homosexuality off the mental illness list in 1975. Click here.


How did Gay Become to Mean Homosexual?

That’s a Family

Overview on Religion

A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On


A Look at the Experiences of Gay and Lesbian Students

Attitude Toward Difference Survey

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How do we discuss this issue in Elementary School

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MYOB in Anoka Earns 9 Dead Teens

F.E.A.R. Future Events Appearing Real. How did the four boys above threaten the social fabric? If the links below do not work, simply right click on them and choose open in new window.

Anoka 1/4

Anoka 1/2 

Anoka 1

Anoka 2

Anoka 3

Anoka 3 1/2

Anoka 4

Anoka 5

Anoka 6

Primary Source Testimony


50 Lives and 100s of people in their circles BLOWN UP. Literally

The massacre in Orlando in the summer of 2016 was spun in several different ways.

He was a Muslim Terrorist!
He was a violent wife beater!
Was he really just a repressed, and then spurned, homosexual driven by shame to execute this horrific act?  Is the suggestion that homosexuals must deny their own biology just as unrealistic as expecting addicts to just say “NO” to their biology? Could this event have been prevented by his teachers?

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Reflect on the results of your Attitude Towards Difference Survey

How does homosexuality threaten the social fabric?

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