The Power of Collaborative Creating: Social Practice Art

The Power of Collaborative Creating: Social Practice Art

  1. Art and artists play many roles in contemporary society. Some artistic practices support just socio-political practices and processes. At other times, artists ignore or even encourage injustices.
  2. We are members of a demographic cohort that has tried for a half century to be involved in positive social change.
  3. We are also beneficiaries of a society that has given us a certain amount of financial freedom and security. And we intend to use that freedom, not to indulge ourselves but to facilitate our commitment to social change through artistic practice.
  4. The characteristics of our proposed artistic practice include:

A. We will stimulate and be involved in positive social action

B. We will provide constructive criticism

C. We will denounce and oppose, when needed

D. We will maintain our commitment to bettering the world

E. We will use our time energy and experience for our constant improvement.

F. We will work collaboratively with others

G. We are willing to teach and mentor but we will never stop learning from others, including those younger than us.

H. We will always look to the future, focus on the present, as we reflect on the past.

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