Women and Money Project

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Bridges , B. Transcending 4 Detail Head

The social practice art work called  Transcending Race: But  Not The 24″ Waist   explores the challenges faced by 60 something women as they were ” allowed” to enter the workforce.

I started seeing the term ” wonder women ” about 15 years ago. This term was used to describe how the then 50 something women had been ” “allowed” to go to work as long as they continued to cover the childcare, shopping, cooking and cleaning.   They truly were Wonder Women. It worked for everyone until their age started to catch up with them. They started asking for help. THEN I started reading articles about how bitchy those baby boomer women were in their menopausal years. Darn right they were grouchy…they were exhausted!

My life size assemblage art work called Transcending Race: But  Not The 24″ Waist, with a supporting research study, will be  in the  Women and Money exhibition. I seek data from women of all ages.


The University of Minnesota, in partnership with the Women’s Caucus for Art, is presenting an exhibition at the Katherine Nash Gallery in September 2016 called “Women and Money”.  Project Details from WCA

Would you be willing to answer the following question with one sentence or less? I will conduct a statistical analysis on the collected data and your answers and emerging trends will be included within my art work.

(Optional) For inclusion on my website,  bridgescreate.com  Share how it went. Use text, pictures or video. Make Art! drb@bridgescreate.com

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