The Working Waterfront (a Maine fisherman weekly) and other publications, claim the striped bass (stripa’s- as they are called Down East)  are in decline. Details  PropTalk ( Chesapeake Bay Power Boating) claims they just had the best “rock fish” season ever. Perhaps they caught all the rock fish in Maryland before they are reaching Maine?

On page 17 of the June 2014 PropTalk, Zach Ditmars has a fix for the Chesapeake Bay invasive fish- the Snakehead. Rename them the ” spotted channa” and eat ’em – he directs and gives a recipe including breading and deep fat frying.

Orange Roughy was once called ” slime head.”  I would challenge the Mississippi waterways wardens to run a cooking contest for the “invasive carp” (renamed in Minnesota to avoid offending the Asians) . Then let’s eat ’em.  Click here for one idea. We homo sapiens seem especially skilled at eating most everything which walks, crawls, swims or flies!


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