I capture complexities of human nature through simplified lowbrow characters. Through anthropomorphic objects, food, animals, and figures, I invite my viewers into the piece through childlike sophistication. Sarcastic titles and controversial suggestions make bold statements that illuminate the narratives and personalities to my flat, texture-less characters. My work is edgy with a cute veneer; the paintings teeter towards uncomfortable content with a pop surrealist visage. With a distinctive bright color palette, stylistic lines, and the big eyes and blank stares of my characters, I investigate color theory, character development, gender representation and symbolism. I create relationships, dialogue, and playful complements and contrasts, and add touches of humor in my art. I am drawn to Graffiti, Street and Lowbrow artists, the objectivity and material isolation of Pop Art, the flatness of comics and ancient Egyptian tomb paintings, and Japanese design and characters.

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