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I am partnering with the Mill City Museum on a social practice art event designed to engage viewers in a dialogue about wheat: its past, present and future role in the American diet, as well as in shaping the political, economic and social development of our city, state and country.

The 7 foot tall Ode To Gluten has been shown at the Northeast Art-A-Whirl exhibition, was a featured story in the Northeaster and Bridges was interviewed by Dale Connelly of MPR fame.  Review the details at and read the attached press release and other associated documents.

April 12, 2014
Dr. Bridges will be on hand from 1:00 p.m. to 4;00 p.m. to help visitors create three-dimensional art pieces from their own “power objects” and imagination.  Participants are encouraged to bring a small object (max. 3” X 3”) that has meaning to them as the beginning and inspiration for their creation. Art materials and other surprising supplies will be available for building their own piece and to spark conversation, as all Dr. Bridges’ work is intended to do.  Visitors can also see how history is revealed in food through a baking demonstration, “White vs. Whole Wheat,” by a museum interpreter.


1. Design Papers, Markers, Cement, screws, nails, ceramic tiles, artifacts, metal, plastic objects, glue guns, woods.  Many of the supplies for the “Power Object” lesson which tells a personal story are collected at Savers on Tuesdays ( I am over 55).  Contributions of $50 would be greatly appreciated.

2. Workshop leader stipend for the one day workshop. $500.

I have taught art for 20 years, trained teachers for 20 years and I can guarantee a top quality project.  I am moving into an early retirement so I can return to my educational passion-employing art to effect social betterment. Please see my attached  short resume or longer CV for additional information on my qualifications and experience.  I have also included lesson plans and other related documents for your review.

Please contact me with any questions.  I would be happy to visit you and discuss your interest in participating.



Barbara Rogers Bridges, Ph.D., Professor, Bemidji State University,    6123457998 email:   or
Summer Address: Box 17    Sandy Point, Maine 04972               612 845 0416

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