Conch Key

6conch key point from high way
Conch Key is one of the last unspoiled Keys in the Keys. Positioned between Long and Marathon Keys, it reminded me of a Maine fishing village as I approached on the Overseas Highway. No condos, no hotels, just folks, boating, fishing and living.

First, I stayed in the blue cottage. You can see the wharf WAY to the right in the picture of the gulf side of the island. I was the last rental, the new owners of the cottage, who also own  LaTeDa in Key West, indicated to me that they would no longer be renting..  My great good fortune.

6Blue cottage from water

View of Blue cottage from water


Barbara’s Blue Shack Haiku Sunflower Poem

*At Barco Azul
*Kitchen floor views fish and me
*Growing Old Is Fine

More Blue Cottage Pictures

Next, I moved across the cove to Linda’s compound.  I really enjoyed this location.  The crab fisher folk went to sea 5 feet (well…maybe 10 feet) off my dock.  You decide. Crab Boat:

conch key 099

Three bedrooms for about $1,000 per week

conch key 100

My haiku poem for Linda’s cottage which has no name. Remember: 5, then 7, then 5 syllables. *The no-name cottage *Has the hammock for dreaming *It whispers its name


More No-Name Cottage Pictures

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6Sunset in the palapa







In Linda’s village, everyone gathers under the palapa for sunset drinks. I heard many tall fish stories. The tradition was especially appreciated by me since I am generally traveling solo. I felt like I was part of a community.

8On the tableI finished the Sunflower Cards at the No-Name Cottage. December 2015 was the first step into my new life. The Sunflower project could not have had a more powerful role in moderating my main concern- isolation. Gail and I created the cards and mailed them at the Long Key post office. It was a process. As many of you noticed,  I had painstakingly attached beads to each card. I planned to pay a hand cancel fee. The post lady looked at me like I was a dinosaur- which I was.  “When was the last time you did that?”, she asked. “It was terminated about 20 years ago”.  I searched far and wide for  bubble envelopes and managed to find a solution.  I think MOST of you received the card. Only a few empty envelopes.  Please write your haiku poem and send it to me! Reflect on how to grow old! Plant the seed! If you did not receive the card but would LIKE to….please email me at More Card Pictures       Read the Card


6cardsKathleen helping me mail in corona boxesBy  The Way… no mailing anything in liqueur boxes.  I covered all the words but did you know that people recognize logos and might rip into your package after the liqueur?  Kathleen helped me grease out all the logos. TEACHERS UNITE!
Kathleen and her husband regaled me with insider data on Chicago politics which made me wide eyed. Retired public employees  were just notified that the state did not contribute to the retirement fund over the last 20 years so… whooops… 1/2 of their current check may disappear soon!! CAll your retirement funders!

conch key cottage 1

Denise and Joanie’s cottageContact to rent the fabulous No-Name  Cottage on Conch Key.

My haiku poem for Linda’s cottage which has no name. Remember- Haiku is  5, then 7, then 5 syllables.

*The no-name cottage

*Has the hammock for dreaming

*It whispers its name


More Conch Key Cottages

6Heron on PostI made my first little movie with Primere Elements 13.  It was more intuitive than I expected. Teachers could use this software in their classes!


 6Bridges, B FT and C D 8 bestAnd Finally!!!

FishTales and Corona Caps

Neck piece 12″ X 5″  X  front and back. $200.00

Sculptural Home 24″ Tall X 8 ” W X 2 ” D when not being worn.

Double Click to enlarge pictures

6bBridges, B FT and C D 5

Conch Key is one of the last unspoiled islands in the Florida Keys.  As I walked on the bridge to Long Key every morning, I saw many fisher people.  Many walked a 1/2 mile out onto the bridge to set up their fishing station. Some were elaborate, on wheeled carts, with refrigerated bait coolers, seats and, of course beverages.  I saw many fish tails from the bait and many rusted Corona caps, walked on and flattened in delightfully symmetrical shapes.   These two found objects represented the bridge to me.

I combined these items with Swarovski crystals to set up a dynamic dialogue with those caps and tails-each which hols a singular story of the person who left them on the bridge.  Click Here for more info: FishTales and Corona Caps

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