Artist’s Journal – How the art gets made

June 19, 2018

I  finally, finally put time aside to work on my piece for  the See. Say. Do event.   I really enjoy this beginning period when I am doing the basic design and engineering work.  Each one of these boxes hold its own story already.  I am just an “intervenor” in their journey.

Read about Artist as Intervenor.

I can see I need a few larger antique boxes so I am off to Savers (40% off for the over 55 crowd on Tuesday on objects that are already being sold for 10 cents on the dollar).

Here are my initial ideas.   I always smile when the work is finished… you have to give these history objects a little bit of their own head.

June 23, 2018 
Gathering the objects which will be re-purposed into many recovery messages.

Savers on Tuesdays offers another 40% off the already 90% off.



I am getting closer to the final  structure.  I will be making the sculpture in 4 sections for practical transport.  The hands coming up out of the top work visually but are a little blatant -metaphorically speaking.    They may not make it to the final sculpture.



July 11, 2018 
Decided today not to include the Recovery chair.  The objects are presenting themselves at a rapid pace and I need the space on the 4th side of “I’m Alright”.  The 12 step Recovery programs have problems with people who do not embrace a “God” belief system since the basic concept is to trust your “Higher Power”.  The standard line is… you can choose anything for your higher power… even a door knob.  In my workshop, participants will be encouraged to take one “recovery object” from the sculpture to use as a talking point during the session and then take away with them as a talisman.   Here are examples of the Higher Power Door Knob Sculptures.   I have often heard that during detox…the person feels bugs crawling on them.  My trunk keeps them contained… you can control that perception.  Wranklets can be worn on wrists or Anklets and are used to remind the wearer of their power to chose their pathway.