Artists as Intervenors:


Dr. Ingold and Barbara

Artists as Intervenors: The Social Practice art form: My Artist Statement:Barbara Bridges seeks to empower all people to embrace the creative process. She makes art from artist fabricated components in a variety of media and rescued power objects. She organizes the objects to create meaning and provoke discussions and reflection on a wide variety of social topics including Ode to Gluten (agricultural practices), Onion/Academia Nuts, (Hi Tech/HiTouch in academia) Found In Our Water (water quality), and Talking Chairs (recovery/worldview truths).

One of the Haystack presenters was  Cambridge educated philosophy professor, Tim Ingold, who holds a unique theory on art making. Dr. Ingold suggests that artists are simply “interveners” on the journey of the particular materials and/or objects the artist manipulates.  If you read my artist statement above you can see that theory would have a certain appeal for me.