Social Practice Retreat

Residency: Social Practice and Public Art :  Sandy Point, Maine
July 3-11, 2014

We seek participants with a wide variety of  world views and experiences as well as national partners for collaboration.

Join us for a week of art making and discussions focused on public and social practice art. You will share my Sandy Point,  Maine beachfront home with 10 other participants. This experience is not designed to be a debate, but rather a relaxed dialogue of like minded people discussing ideas related to social practice art. The residency is designed to include private time and space for reflection. You will have access to two mixed media studios with  mastics, wood, power tools and fasteners.  Other supplies you will have to purchase or find (within 5 miles).

Part of my income is derived from bringing my public social practice art to the schools and the schools to the art. If asked, I will share how I do this, including how to write a lesson plan.  I hope you will bring your unique skills,  insights, and social action experiences to share with us.

Food and Drink. I will provide breakfast provisions (at your leisure).  One authentic Maine Shoa’ Dinner  (Lobster, clams, corn, cheesy biscuits, and blueberry pie) on Thursday.

Kitchen and fridge open for your personal provisions.  Plan potluck , individual or restaurants, as you prefer.

If this experience sounds like a fit – post me with your ideas.    Click Here to See Chateau Mer (the cottage).   Invitation

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