Where We Learned


The group gathered around the great room table below an expressionist piece by Crossley Atherton, a New York painter.

The Fellows trekked to the refurbished Colonial Theatre in Belfast to view “The Dark Knight” a continued jaunt into the early struggles of the Caped Crusader- as well as the rise and fall of promising Gotham City D/A Harvey Dent. The “Joker” is also introduced as a new character- an “agent of chaos… a mad dog chasing cars-” who belives that “civilized people” will drop their “high morals” as soon as they need to in order to survive.

The film explores what it means to be a “hero”, what justice reallymeans, and of course the internal struggle Bruce Wayne faces as he considers unmasking himself and answering to the law for his vigilantism. For some discussions we both had and overheard in regards to the experience- Click Here for “Dark Knight” reflections.

Other Mer Memories

Bill & Cathy- poetry in motion.

Barb, paul, and Doug- Deck Dialogue.

Cathy and Cheryl walking on Sandy Point Beach.

Madelynne leads in a session

Mary Ann(standing) guides.

Cathy tours Camden.

Danette expounds.

Recent Updates

[09/10/2008] Melissa synthesized the institute summaries of our Fellows Speakers.Click Here

Click here for Inspirations… Motivations…Ruminations…