WARM Opening Oct 18 6:00-9:00

 Women’s Art Resources of Minnesota


What is WARM?

WARM: Where women artists connect, learn, and thrive.

WARM connects emerging and professional women artists, encouraging them to create and exhibit art and to increase their participation in the art world.

As a catalyst for women artists to assist each other in achieving their goals, WARM promotes and provides advocacy and assistance for its member’s projects. Membership is open to all who support WARM’s mission, whether you are an artist or not.

How can you become a Protege, like I did, in WARM? Click Here
Unique Critical Response experience is part of the Mentor Program. View actual CR Events 



Please join me for the October 18, 2014 Opening Event for the WARM Beyond the Surface show!

Sneak Peek at Selected Works in the show and the people behind the scenes!   Read More

My Found In Our Waters works completed in the Chesapeake Bay, Boston Harbor
and Maine will make their first appearance. Click Here to view the art works.     Click Here to Adopt!