Urban Letter

Hi Barbara,


It was great to see you on Saturday! Your upcoming retirement is well deserved. We will miss you; I will miss you. I have appreciated your guidance and mentorship over the few short years we have known one another. We haven’t always agreed, but I have always appreciated knowing your perspective and opinion. You have helped to nudge me outside of my comfort zone, and while I have not necessarily liked going outside of it, I have grown a great deal because of it. So, thank you for the nudging nevertheless! Having seen what the department was like in 2009 – when I started – and seeing what it has become today, you weathered one h*ll of a storm to get here. I’m sure there was even more to weather before 2009, and that I have not seen all of it since. But, we – the department – are building a collaborative environment in which to nurture one another and work with one another. I am glad I stayed to see it and I am hopeful that it will continue. I hope you will find more places to make your mark, during your retirement, as you have here at BSU. Those places will be better for it.


I am sure to see you again this term, but wanted to take a moment to articulate a few of my thoughts. Despite what you may have heard, or believe, there are a few of us who have taken your words to heart and benefited greatly from witnessing your matter-of-fact (and honest) approach to dealing with office politics, obstructionist behavior, and the like – identifying and describing “stuff” for what it really is. We will strive to carry on and make you proud, but will not be able to fill your shoes!


I’ve attached my sabbatical report for your perusal.


Enjoy your last full-time term! I’m sure it will be hard not to.  J