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MammalsBarra De Potosi whale ladies
The street fair was lovely and I met The Whale Project ladies there.  You can adopt a whale.



El Refugio de Potosi.

Currently closed but open through several tour operators.
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vicente guerro pomponoa 001 vicente guerro pomponoa 005A local women here from the 1970s  graciously invited me to ride down to Vicente Guerro and Poponoa.  There is one long line of sand beach from Zihua to Alcapolco and contrary to reports by the US government, and last week on NPR, that this 200 mile stretch is the most dangerous in Mexico…we drove into fishing villages and up roads that ended in guard towers and I lived to write this blog post. Do not miss the bags of unadulterated sea salt.

Playa LArga
A deserted beach closer to our Zihua home is Playa Larga. Currently, you have to take a taxi all the way around the barn to get there but a road is being carved through the mountain on the other side of La Ropa .  Bonnie took Karen and I over there to her favorite restaurant called Four Brothers.  We had a very unusual dish of Camerones de Coco that included a delicious baked potato. Sometimes that gringo food really hits the sentimental spot!