Barbie B’s Black Bean Bonanza (You need 4 hours)

3 cups of dried black beans.  You can soak them or just set them to boil in 6-8 cups of water ( you may need to add more water as they cook).
In a separate pan: in two Tabl of oil, sauté until golden brown,  two diced HEADS (not cloves) of garlic and I cup of diced onions
Add 2 thin sliced dried Guijillio peppers  (they call them anjeo peppers at the market). They have a mild smoky taste…really subtle.
Add one or two  – 1 inch chunked fresh poblano pepper(s)
Add one small diced jalapeno (to taste- this is your only real heat)
When the beans are almost done  ( some like them more mushy-some al dente’) add your sauté mixture and 1 cup of minced cilantro
You don’t want to cook the living daylights out of all your yummie ingredients.

I add the local chunky salt over the top just before serving because I love the crunch.

Serve with traditional Mexican dishes of all kinds.

Jicima High Tea
Seep fresh jicima blossoms in hot water for an hour with Tabl cardamon and cinnamon sticks. Fill glass with 3/4 agua mineral and 1/4 jicima infusion. Finish with half lime squeeze.