The Death of Feminism: Revelations of the Third Wave – A Discussion

Andrea Edstrom, Kate Renee, Carolina Borja (aged 26-31) and Barbara Bridges (age 64) met to discuss the design of a possible discussion event for the Guerilla Girls project in January of 2016.

  • All agreed that the first order of business was to define the term Third Wave but to avoid a scholarly semantic debate which could derail the intended purpose of our conversation. We completed some reading on fourth wave and decided we would keep our convening question as it is.
  • All agreed that there needed to be motivational incentives designed in our proposed model.
  • All agreed that there needed to be “experts” invited – but not as panel members – as discussion facilitators.  All agreed that each of us would bring two participants each to make up a core group of 12-15 discussants to informally “seed” and “lead” the conversation. The purpose of the event is to welcome all interested people to the conversation.
  • All agreed we do not want stadium seating.
  • All agreed that we should use a modified Open Space Technology design to manage the convening conversation and generate the questions.
  • All agreed that the four conveners would start a conversation group immediately with the purpose of discussing, “Living A Creative Considered Life.” It was stated that most discussion groups seemed to be focused on self-promotion-not nurturing and fellowship.


Possible Topics Which Might Emerge:
Empowerment and Oppression
Resiliency Strategies

Possible Outcomes of the Convening Conversation:
Networking for Opportunities
Find Creative Colleagues
Possible Collaboration
Voice Development and Empowerment
Opportunities to Share Multiple Perspectives