Powers Testimony

“Dr. Barbara Bridges’ Human Relations class is far more than a college course, it is a genuine life experience.  I know that many people enroll in this required course in order to check off a box needed for teacher licensure, consequently finding their entire worldview changed in the process.  Bridges combines relevant real-world content with thought-provoking prompts leading to diverse and enlightening discussion, a main component to the course, which creates the strongest interpersonal dynamic that I have ever experienced in an online class.

Strong content, an innovative delivery method, creative assignments, and focus on relationships between all people leads to a perfect combination for an impactful training imperative for effective 21st century teachers to have.  Bridges will challenge you to question your truths, explore the origins of your attitudes and beliefs, and develop your philosophy of teaching in a way that encompasses the many of the changing dynamics and differences in today’s classroom.”

-Mara Powers