Morgan’s Wedding 2019 B

The Main Event

May 25, 2019
My son Morgan is married! 
Here are pictures of Morgan’s peeps who came from far and wide to celebrate his new life.
It was lovely.
If I had been asked to put in an order for my son’s future… it would have been this woman, this boy and this dog.
Special thanks to my self-chosen sisters: Mary, Sally, Pat, Pam, Jane and Brenda and my mom who made the trek.
From Anne: Woweeee, what a weekend! We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. We are grateful for the community of family and framily that contributed and celebrated with us. We have a database of pictures growing and will post more  Thank you for all the emails and FB messages too. We feel loved 
Ring Exchange
New Bridges Family
Best Man Andy
The fabulous Harvey
the Old and the new Mrs. Bridges
My chosen sistas! Pat, Pam, Brenda, Jane, Sally and Mary
The best people
Brenda and Paul
The main ladies
Morgan’s rellies
Dance it out
The fabulous Chely’s present to the new Bridges Family: Lola, Anne, Morgan, Harvey, Velcro
The dress
Barbara, Pam, Mary and Jane in front of Reflecting Pool...2323 Monroe
Vern and Harvey picking up hitch hikers
jeanne and jane
Morgan, Barbara, Jerry and Jane
Jazz Hands
Jeff, Morgan’s work friend, philosopher and old lady whisperer. We all wanted to adopt him.
Josh… Morgan’s high school friend and GQ model
Visit at Lay’s studio
Morgan and Lola
Lola Pops did not look like Lola but they still were tasty
Pretty Darn Cute
Harvey Hug
Chatting up grammy
Morgan and Paul
They make fire!
Manny’s Steak House! Fabulous but bring $$$. Thank you , Mary!
Mary and Lola
Minister and Sally
Morgan and Mom
It’s official!
Pat looking presidential
Sally helping me get the cart
Sally Looking Elegant
the Posse on the historical segway tour
Looking mighty stylish
Jeff the tech support
Don’t mess with a Penobscot Bay girl

Jeffa and Josh
Singing his song
These are cute old women

Sally’s beautiful effort