Melbourne, Florida

GAil with Totis Installed

Melbourne, Florida , USA

First stop on my Sunflower Tour of Discovery. I  arrived at the cute as a button home of my friend, Gail Gannon. Gail reports that the kids call Melbourne Mel-Boring. I did not find this to be true. Unlike many many Florida locations, Melbourne has a fun and funky historic downtown and a wonderful beach with surffin’ waves! We installed her sculpture, Totis 2  and planted her Sunflower Seed.

Gail PlantingGail Gannon’s Haiku
Plant a Sunny Seed
Let it Grow and Live and Smile
Keep It Like  a Friend


 Next Stop: Conch Key

Barb and Car

Here is my rental car. I did not ask
for red but I LOLed when I saw it.
I need to be kinder the next time
I see an old man in a Corvette.

I think I get it a little bit.

Gail's hairdoSome grow old with grace and a lovely aristocratic hair-do – some with a red convertible.

Both have great merit.

I can see the Atlantic. All is good when I see the Big Pond. melbourne beach surf video


Barbara with chair 4 X 5I made Gail two secret garden Addies.
More on Addies

Barbara’s Melbourne Poem
Arrive and find the sun
Dressed in Black From Head to Toe
Gail Makes the First Sow

This is like writing for that English assignment “What I did  on my summer vacation”. Hope this won’t be a snoozer.

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