Love Unveiling August 2015


The moment of unveiling

Love Unveiling August 11, 2015  


The summer of 2015 enjoyed glorious weather in Sandy Point -except for the night of the unveiling which was hosted in The Nest and The Studio. A gale! With rain! Forty people huddled together in my studio and we built community with our collaborative artwork in a way not predicted! We all laughed and agreed it was good practice for when the electricity goes out and we gather at the homes of those with generators.




Barbara and Bob Brooks


The beautiful Bonnie-hardest working woman in Sandy Point


brenda Barb

Road sista’ renda, soul sista’ Gail, New friend, Marge and Barbara



A little Sumptin’ Sumpthin’

orange tinis

The famous Orangtinis on the Studio deck


More A little Sumptin’ Sumpthin’


greg and lise

CArol, GAil and Greg (owner of LOVE)

josh gail marge

Josh 9we are co-interneting) , Brenda, Gail and MArge

Linda Jan

Neighbors Linda and Jan

Lisa LeeAnn

Lise (Love owner) chatting with new neighbor LiAnn

Lisa Steve

Lise and Steve from Black Dog Enterprises


Collaborators Greg, Lise, Pam and Gail looking at Nosotros – on its way to Guatamala