Human Relations for State Licensure

Bemidji ‘s Human Relations class is a unique online opportunity  to meet the  Minnesota Department of Education’s requirement.  The class focuses on the socio-cultural needs of the marginalized students who you will meet in your Minnesota classroom.  The course is designed in a constructivist  model. You will read two novels and complete selected readings and activities.  The course emphasizes reflection and theory-to-practice curriculum development appropriate for incorporation in your teaching practice.

BOOKS: ED 3140 Human Relations. We will be reading two books. Being Muslim by Haroon Siddiqui. , Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Indians, But Were Afraid to Ask, Treuer.  Optional Bonus: A Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down :Fadiman and  Neither Wolf Nor Dog: Nerburne   Last Standing Woman , Winona LaDuke.

The NEXT section of Human Relations  will  start on   May 14th and complete on August 1th , 2014.

Generally, the schools will accept registration of a course which completes before the academic year begins to keep your limited license or to seek employment.

No Face to Face Meeting in the summer. ALL online.

You may register for the undergraduate level at approximately $250 per credit .HR is a three credit course.  You may  register for this course by clicking on then click:  “Proceed to the Online Application” (Which is WAY at the bottom of the page).

Summer registration starts in late March.


  • Fall 2013 anonymous student feedback:Overall, the course is incredible. It is taking over my life. I am engaging in so many related conversations. I am involving my kids in the discussion. Someone called this an ‘experience’ rather than a ‘class’ and I would have to concur!
  • I like the week to week calendar provided. I stick it on the very front of my 3-ring binder under the plastic so I can quickly see what is happening for this week instead of digging for the information. I also like the fact that there is no text book. The readings chosen for this class are selected for a reason and are not just ‘part of a book.’ It shows that a lot of time and thought was given to this course. I appreciate that.
  • I love this class, I have learned so much already and enjoy our discussions. I like the fact that it is a safe place to discuss such controversial/heated topics. I am becoming a more culturally aware person and I am loving it! I have lived a pretty sheltered life from other cultures. I grew up around 98% white people. I do not consider my self racist but ignorant to culturally diverse cultures. The assignments and discussions are engaging,eye-opening and I find myself spending more time on this class then my others. I find myself constantly utilizing the knowledge I learn in this class everyday. I view life from a new informed and educated lens and it feels so liberating and I can’t wait to spread my new knowledge to anyone and everyone I can!


Week 1