Haikus from Around the World-Tercera Vida

This Metacognition focused on growing old with class and style  is growing some legs!  In my conversations with Laura in Barra, she suggested we call it the third phase or the third life.

Tercera Vida

Bonnie Brooks- Sandy Point, Maine
Friends are Like Flowers
That will grow in Life’s garden
When tended by love.

Do we need a banner?  A T-Shirt?

Anne Klenhenitz -Minneapolis

Bithday Surprise:

Pop up birth bash crack of light

Made my day so blessed


 Made by hand and heart

Wide world true treasures galore  

My heart overflows

Laura Kelly from Barra De Potosi, Mexico:

‘Once thought this was sad end time.
Turns out it’s treasure time.
How’s that for a nice surprise?’

Hasta pronto,
Laura   Casa del Encanto 

Coming in from Minneapolis , Minnesota from my dear WARM protege sister, Anne Klienhenz:


No white snow just brown

Warm winds abound slow but sure

Seek soon home anchor


From  Melbourne, Florida and Sandy Point, Maine
GAil GAnnon

Gail PlantingGail Gannon’s Haiku
Plant a Sunny Seed
Let it Grow and Live and Smile
Keep It Like  a Friend

Ellen from Vancouver and Zihuatanejo

I miss you so much

You, the sunshine of my life

Were taken away.



Barbara’s  Haiku for Katherine:
Without Valentine
Arriving in Mexico
This country heals me


Barbara’s Haiku for Hotel Mexcilio
Pain sister Frida

The Ancient artifacts speak
They tell me secrets