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Barbara BridgesLast Edited: Mar 12, 2014 6:08 PM

It gave me a little insight into why the Southerners are still so mad about the Civil War. I was there March 11 and the previous guest was signed in on March 1.She seemed excited to show me around.  During the tour, I heard that Mr. Friedman had to buy his house back after the Cival War.  Unlike many of his neighbors (including his daughter) he actually had the money to do this AND $20,000.00 left over.  This money did not, however, pay the NOW salaries of his 900 slaves.  Think about how horrible the practical reality of emancipation turned out to be.  The slaves knew how to work the farm and clean the house. Hundreds of thousands of people were out looking for these “jobs” but the only people who could hire them were now bankrupt.  WHAT a mess. It is SILL a mess.  Why?