Ganiem Testimony

Cabinet of Curiosities: a splendid time.

Thank you, Barbara Bridges. Gathering a group of creative women and letting them loose in two rooms full of pieces of dreams and the tools to make them come true could have had but one outcome: “success!”

Defining “success!” opens a wide door because each piece is unique and meaningful to its creator. I, for one, got to add to my Glue Experience, and used 2-part epoxy for the first time to repair a tiny wooden gecko that had defied wood glue for a decade. I also got to play with black silicone, and used it for part of my piece. It should surprise no one that I am now the proud owner of my very own 2-part epoxy and black silicone. Plans are afoot for using them both.

I was inspired by Barbara for opening the door to a new physical and mental creative space, the camaraderie of creative women making art on hyperspeed, ¬†and the setting which is as close to an elf’s workshop as I’ve ever been in. I would go back in a minute.