Emerging Trends and Topics

1. Economics and money/women and money/capitalism  Outcomes

2. Young perspectives/3rd and 4th wave feminism/Inter-generational  Outcomes

3. Dis-empowerment of men/Balancing our power/Feminist art made by men/death of feminism/How to be a feminist parent Outcomes

4. Social practice art/social change/Feminism and environment/  Outcomes

5. Feminism with immigrants and refugees/cultural feminism/Global feminism/Equality of gender and race/Dismantling white supremacy in the feminist movement/Women of color/White feminism  Outcomes

6. Women’s representation in social media/women and technology/Women apparel and body image/age and youth/ageism  Outcomes

7. Feminism in the queer community/art in the LGBT community  Outcomes

8. Feminism being taboo/bad reputation/stereotyping/using the f word/reclaiming it/stigma/Death of feminism/Is the work of feminism over or just beginning?/  Outcomes

9.Moving from anger to empowerment/Intersectional   Outcomes

10. Top 10 lists for architects, dancers, visual artists, chefs and musicians Top Ten Lists

Word Doc Top-10-List B