Design Tips

You will need to practice to prepare for creating your sculpture. Teachers are competing with incredibly creative media which bombards the students every day. You must make your curriculum materials interesting!

The purpose of this activity is  to give yourself a little training on what makes good art. (YES, there are rules!!!!!). Great teachers are generally CREATIVE teachers. They love to solve problems (including creating lesson plans) in unusual and attractive (snappy launch) ways. Click Here for ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN LESSON

I give you permission to make art with a message.

Design Directives

Are you in a panic? Are you thinking.. .I am not creative? I disagree. Please read and be prepared to discuss.

I expect to see GOOD quality. Please review elements and principles of design here

Tip for an easy trip to design success –

1. USE MULTIPLES- you achieve pattern and unity by virtue of this strategy. Patterns are the only common visual “art” used across all cultures. Does this visual strategy give us comfort, WE KNOW WHAT IS COMING NEXT.

2. Use the same tints and hues of only two “cool” colors ‘blue and greens’ or two warm colors “reds and yellows”.

3. For the sculpture when it iis time… NOT YET! Use all the same materials/woods OR metals OR plastics etc.

4. Your artist statement and your feedback book are an important part of your presentation. Make them relevant and attractive.