CLIA Contract 2

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Go to:
Barbara Bridges  2323 Monroe St. NE, Mpls, MN 55418

Call : 612 345 7998 with questions





You will receive $20.00 and 5 free projects when I receive your feedback and student surveys. Please collect a survey from every student in the class.


I have completed a trial using CLIA in my ___grade classroom with ___students  participating.  Each group had___members.

My class demographic s are as follows:  Include ethnic origins, special needs, rural, suburban, urban and any other specifics which might impact the results.

I demonstrated the software and how it works and emphasized the accountability before the lesson started.  _____

Feedback regarding the teacher registration and project development  functionality:

Feedback regarding the student  registration and assessment input  functionality:

Feedback regarding any differences regarding the accountability component.  Did the groups behave differently

I asked the students for feedback regarding their CLIA  experience______.  I have included their responses.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  Put two on each page  – – – – – — – – Put two on each page   – – – – – – – –  Put two on each page  – – – – – –


Age—-     Where do you live_______________?  My previous experience with group work was:    good   bad     (Circle one).



When I heard  that what I did in the group work would actually be graded by my group mates and averaged into my grade by the teacher , I thought …… (Use back if needed):



I feel my group mates graded me fairly :  yes   no  ( Circle One )  Explain