Maine Moby Series

Maine moby 1 mainMaine Moby Series

Maine Moby 1 24″ T X 12″ W X 2 “D  Mixed Media Hand formed resin cast, driftwood from Sandy Point beach, beach rope, marine fasteners, handmade glass beads, found objects.

Whales capture our imagination in ways no other animal has on land or sea. Is it their size? Their grace? Their Mammalness? Currently, the “Save The Whales”  campaign is able to generate support for our oceans in ways both financial and emotional.  No other sea creature has been able to compete. Why is that?

Maine moby 1 d2As my website (some say pretentiously) suggests “Art Can Save The World”.  In my research, I was curious why the sperm whale is used to depict “Whaleness” more often than any other whale.  It is not the biggest (Blue Whales 100 feet), The Sperm (30-60 feet) whales are not endangered (15-20,000 =Blue Whales and 360,000 = Sperm Whales).  Sperm Whales ARE the largest toothed whale.  Blue whales are filter feeders- not as fierce! Sperm whales are the most mysterious (they hunt at 6,000 feet and stay underwater for an hour) and may stun their prey with their sonar originating from their spermaceti (seed of the whale). I gathered much of this data from the Smithsonian site: You can ear them talk there, too!

Maine moby 1 d3


Now moving on to how art can influence world events and popular culture. Why is the Sperm Whale used far and wide to symbolize “whalness?”

Herman Melville chose the Sperm Whale to represent his now famous and enduring whaling novel,  Moby Dick. Historically, there  WAS an albino Sperm Whale reported ramming ships near “Mocha” Island.  It is believed that the “Dick” was used as a familiar male name …. like …”You got it, Jack”.


So… I rest my case…Moby Dick is the reason themobydick
Sperm Whale  came to represent “Whaleness”.


Maine moby 2 mainMaine moby 2 d1Maine Moby 2

28″ T X 16″ W X 2 “D  Mixed Media Hand formed resin cast, driftwood from Sandy Point beach, beach rope, marine fasteners, handmade glass beads, iron finding, found objects.

This work incorporates several brass and rusted found objects from boat yards. There is something profoundly satisfying  to me to use what may be headed for a landfill to create something of meaning and beauty.

The handmade glass beads are spectacular.


maine moby d2

 Moby3 main  Moby 3

Moby 3 d1Mixed Media. Antique frame, resin casts, brass findings and glass beads.  12″ W X 14″ T x 2″ D

This work is rich with texture and carefully designed beads which honor the sperm whale above.





Moby 4

Moby 4

Mixed Media. Lobster Slat frame, oil paint, resin casts, marine screws, brass findings, beach rope.

This work is unusual for its asymmetrical treatment of beach rope.


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