La Mujer -Beaded

Bridges, B LAdy heart -med d2La Mujer -Beaded

12″ W X 24″ T X 2″ D

Mixed Media: Found objects from the streets of Zihua, Lady of G statues, Beads, Frida portrait

La Mujer (The Lady) Series continues to explore my reflections on feminism and specifically on women of power in Mexico. I selected the  women I see EVERYWHERE: Frida Kalo and The Lady of Guadalupe . La Mujer Series was created to honor and consider the position of power Frida Kalo and The Lady of Guadalupe hold in Mexican culture.  In the United States we refer to the most powerful man in any cultural as “The Man”.  In an incredible gender development…I am suggesting that Mexico has “The Lady”.  I am just not sure which one is “The Lady” of  Mexico. What do you think?. Read More

I study culture and have taught human relations in a teacher licensure program for the last 17 years.  I am American Indian, from the Penobscot tribe in Maine. La Mujeres Series invites YOU to reflect on why these two women have such a prominent place in the popular culture of Mexico. Is Money involved? Is Power? Is Religion? Good? Concerning?

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