Bridges, B Beauty detail 1

Beauty 2016  8″ W X 12″ T X 1.5 ” D  Mixed Media: Found Objects from the streets of Zihuatenjo, beads, religious icons   SOLD

I am interested in the topic of body image and beauty.  In my country, the United States, we have allowed  Disney (the white princesses) and Mattel (Barbie) set the aesthetic. These ideals have waists smaller than their heads.


Bridges, B Beauty detail 2

Progress IS being made as evidenced by the new  Barbie line- some are curvy and have a higher melanin count. Progress!!!  Barbie for the 21st Century


The focus of this work is Frida Kalo. I found it intriguing that Frida seems to be more well known and beloved than her famous Husband, Diego Rivera, Diego publicly ridiculed her uni-brow snd intimated that he found her ugly. I disagree.

In the Collection of Linda Fox, Zihuatenjo


I created this small work for a Sailfest Fundraiser. I was honored to have famous chef /author, Linda Fox make the winning bid.
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