Bridges, B. Fish Tails and Corona Main with blueFishTales and Corona Caps

Neck piece 12″ X 5″  X  front and back  $185.00

Sculptural Home 24″ Tall X 8 ” W X 2 ” D when not being worn.
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6bBridges, B FT and C D 5

Conch Key is one of the last unspoiled islands in the Florida Keys.  As I walked on the bridge to Long Key every morning, I saw many fisher people.  Many walked a 1/2 mile out onto the bridge to set up their fishing station. Some were elaborate, on wheeled carts, with refrigerated bait coolers, seats and, of course beverages.  I saw many fish tails from the bait and many rusted Corona caps, walked on and flattened in delightfully symmetrical shapes.   These two found objects represented the bridge to me.

conch key point from high way


I combined these items with Swarovski crystals to set up a dynamic dialoge with those caps and tails-each which hols a singular story of the person who left them on the bridge.

View of the blue cottage from the bridge. The last wharf on the right.


Bridges, B FT and C D 6

Bridges, B FT and C Barbara model front close up6Bridges, B FT and C D 7Bridges, B FT and C Barbara model back in java

Each Fabulous Floatsam has a unique back display.

6Bridges, B FT and C D 8 best 6Bridges, B. FT and C D 2 6Bridges, B. FT and C D 3

Bridges, B Peces Main Bridges, B Peces d1

Peces   2016

Neck piece 12″ X 5″  X  front and back  $90.00

Mixed Media: Bait tails dried on the dock at Zihua, Sworoski crystals crushed Corona cap, beads.

Another necklace created from trash and treasure.

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