Tennis Shoes Laid Bare

Liberate the shoe boxes with the power objects from your family.  Make art!

It has always bothered me that the objects which hold the memories are often relegated
to obscurity in dark spaces.  We open those boxes once every decade or so and re-live those
important moments. This always seemed so sad to me.   In this work “Tennis Shoes Laid Bare”

My son, Morgan, holds a work encrusted with the icons of his youth:

The award from horse camp when he won the “Favorite Camper” award.  When he accepted this award he held his cheeks in astonishment and gave us a beauty queen walk with the wrist wave.  He was 10.

The little league buttons. The Happy Meals swag.  The legos.

He was on the high school tennis team when he was in 7th grade.  The summer he was 12, he broke this racquet serving and ran the bottom off his sneakers in two months on the 95 degree courts.

When you are a tennis mom, you sit on the court until they lose two matches (think Wimbledon).  I have to admit … after 8 hours of sitting there… sometimes I kind of hoped he would lose so we could go home.  Clearly, I needed lessons from soccer moms on how to get competitive.

Please ask me about creating an artwork with YOUR power objects. $200-$500 according to complexity.


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