Artist Retreat – September 8-15, 2017

Artists from around the globe will be meeting at Chateau Mer for community building and art making.  We will develop activities as the participants desire. The studios will be open for art making. The weather will still be glorious for plein air painting and assemblage treasure hunting in the antique shops and on the coastlines. Acadia National Park is free of tourists but still so magnificent.   Different accommodations will have different workshop fees attached. See below.

I am interested in trading you for a visit to YOUR studio in all climates hot and Europe.
Application Here.

Participants committed:
Anne Kleinhenz <>  Studio Assistant

The Fees are for the ROOM for the WEEK. If you want to share, that will reduce your costs. The fees will include light breakfast (which you fix yourself) and one Shoa’ Dinner (Lobster, Clams, Corn and Blueberry Pie) served by real Maine natives!

First floor
$300 Bedroom (Den): Two Twin Beds (Master walks through) Shares  bath

$400 Bedroom  (Grotto ) Two Twin Beds . Private.   Shares  bath

Second Floor
$400 (Toy Room): Queen Private.  Shares bath
$600 Bedroom (Mexican Suite): Four Twin Beds Private -Has own bath and deck.

$400 Third Floor  Sleeps 4  
(Air Conditioned)
Two Twin Beds
Two Roll Away beds
6 sleeping mats and bags
Has half bath

$200  RV Parking (No hookups).

Participants interested: 

Joyce Lyon (LaRomita Terni Otricolil(TR) Umbria 05030)