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See for more details on the Ode to Gluten project and to see the results of the Ode study completed by Dr. Bridges.


Students will develop a new millennium product icon inspired by icons such as General Mills’ “Jolly Green Giant” or “Pillsbury Dough Boy,” as well as Kellogg’s “Tony the Tiger.”  Bridges is currently in conversation with several companies who may recognize the icon and the winning icon will earn a $100.00 prize.Bridges art work will be the inspiration for the project. It was designed to engage viewers in a dialogue about wheat: its past, present and future role in the American diet, as well as in shaping the political, economic and social development of our city, state and country. Through the work, the artist asks the students, and larger community, “What is Happening to Our Wheat?”We invite anyone to recommend “art star” applicants – students grades 5-8 – who are encouraged to apply to the program because they are committed, talented and willing to try something different. Application criteria will include a short essay and examples of previous design work. Go to:
tudents will discover how powerful icons have been, and continue to be, in our lives. “Ode to Gluten” will encourage these young viewers to consider the evolution of our collective memories and beliefs about wheat.  The interactive materials provided with Ode will also prompt a discussion on the power of General Mills’ and Kellogg’s icons (listed above) on consumer choices, but also culturally. Media Studies!

Contact Barbara Rogers Bridges for more details.

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Student Essay:  Please include your Student Idea Book and write a paragraph explaining why your icon will become iconic.