Past Appearances:  

Borealis Dance Company  2016

A a W 2016 5 peeps

The Borealis Dance company dances for our future again at Art a Whirl 2016







FIOWThe Borealis Dance Company is a wonderful example of changing the world by collaborating across art forms. I had the honor of partnering with them on a Recovery theme in 2015.  Their interpretation of the physiological impact of addiction and detox was powerful and the poem created by one of the dancers made me weep. Recovery

Our 2016 collaboration focuses on water quality. Borealis will be presenting their dance inspired by several of my Found in Our Water pieces at two venues May 13/14  and May 21/22 Click Here for Details

My large work focused on Lake Superior -TOTUS 1 Treasures of the Inland Sea – will be on the stage with the dancers. Did you know it is not safe to eat fish from Lake Superior?

Click Here to see the May 14th, 2016  performance At Sabes JCC.

See More on Borealis collaborations.


2015  Here you will view authentic voices and pictures taken with cell phones, professional cameras and videographers and uncut videos videos from the NEMAA Art-A-Whirl Event. Please enjoy the dynamic experience and sounds of people at an art show looking, making and learning about our water.
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