AnnMarie Gallery

SculptureSolomon Islands, MD
After Iyengar,
Robert Engman, 1927 Smithsonian Collection
After a grueling road trip from Gary, Indiana, I arrived at the Ann Marie Gallery in Dowell, MD. I have been around more than a few blocks but AnnMarie offers a unique experience which includes highly creative educational programing (theater in the woods, message in a bottle, materials and technique classes and more), special exhibitions (Seagoing “Woolies” was there when I arrived), forward thinking /interactive participant calls for art (Instagrams), and a darling Fairy House project which has inspired me to create a similar call for houses in Sandy Point!





Left: A Tribute to The Oyster Tonger Antonio Mendez 1994




Instagram Competition!
I am very committed to engaging a wide audience in art thinking, making and consuming. AnnMarie employs some very innovative strategies including this Instagram invitational exhibition.  Quite brilliant.

Please see “Take to The Air” installed in their “Beachcomber” exhibition.


KitchenAnnMarie also supports an “Artist House” which I stayed in when
I delivered my work. It was charming.
Kitchen and model for A Tribute to The Oyster Tonger in the Artist’s House.
model in artist's house

sculpt 3


The Council Ring,  Amore and Woody Dorsey 1996

AnnMarie has earned the status of “Smithsonian Associate” and it is warranted. There are about 20 installed Smithsonian art works installed on the grounds.