Building Bridges - Teaching about the Hmong in our Communities Program

To respond to the need for community education about the Hmong refugee experience, Hmong refugees from Wat Thamkrabok and Hmong contributions to Minnesota, the Hmong Cultural Center's Hmong Resource Center has started a new program that provides comprehensive 1 hour multicultural education presentations about the Hmong to groups in the Twin Cities community and Greater Minnesota.

Common topics of the interactive presentations in the Building Bridges program include Hmong History, Hmong Role in the Secret U.S. War in Laos 1963-1975, Why the Hmong fled Laos as Refugees, Hmong resettlement to the U.S. 1976-1995, Early Experiences of Hmong in Saint Paul and Minnesota, Important leaders in 20th century Hmong history, Hmong contributions to Minnesota, Prominent and Successful Hmong-Minnesotans, Hmong Culture (clans, music, agriculture, clothing), the Hmong Language, Hmong beliefs about Health and Medicine, Working with Hmong-origin students and their Families, Hmong refugees in Wat Thamkrabok and their resettlement in the U.S.

Curriculum of presentations can be adjusted to meet the needs of particular groups. Presentations to health professionals and educators also focus on the topics of cultural awareness training for work with clients of Hmong-origin.

Arranged Presentations at the Cultural Center in Saint Paul are free of charge but optional donations are requested by groups with institutional affiliations. Presentations at schools or organizations are available for a standard fee. Please call 651-917-9937  to discuss arranging a presentation at the center or at your school or organization.