Quiz Questions

1. What are regions of the world that scholars have speculated the Hmong may have originated from?

2. Name 8 Hmong Clan Names

3. Name the East and Southeast Asian Countries that the Hmong live in.

4. In which country do the most Hmong live?

5. In which non-Asian countries do the largest numbers of Hmong live?

6. Which 3 American states have the largest Hmong populations?

7. What are the 2 main dialects of the Hmong language?

8. Name 2 ways in which the Hmong language differs from English?

Quiz Answers

1. Scholars have at various times suggested that the Hmong originated in Siberia (Russia), Iraq, and China. There is evidence of Hmong in China up to about 3,000 years ago.

2. Yang, Vang, Xiong, Lee, Moua, Cha (Chang), Lo (Lor), Thao, and Her are perhaps the most common Hmong clan names in the United States.

3. In Asia, the Hmong live in China, Thailand, the northern part of Vietnam, Laos, and Burma.

4. The most Hmong in the world live in China, anywhere from 8 to 15 million according to estimates.

5. In the western world, the largest numbers of Hmong live in 1. United States 2. France 3. Australia. Smaller numbers of Hmong live in Canada, French Guyana, and Germany.

6. The 3 American states with the largest Hmong populations are 1. California 2. Minnesota 3. Wisconsin

The 2 main dialects of the Hmong language as spoken in the United States are White and Green (Blue) Hmong.

8. 2 major ways in which the Hmong language differs from English:

A. Hmong unlike English is a strongly tonal language, the Hmong language has 8 tones.

B. Hmong words are short and often have only one syllable unlike English words, many of which have 2 or 3 syllables.