Hmong Tragedy

Chris Handley

I think an interesting lesson for this book would be to investigate a number of different illnesses that are present around the world and research how these illnesses are regarded and treated by the different cultures of the world.  I would have the students, in groups of two or three, create a posterboard for each of the illnesses that gives a brief description of the western medical definition of the disease.  Each group would then be assigned a culture to research to find out how they both see and treat each of the diseases listed.  They would type up a report for each of the illnesses for their culture and attach them to the proper posterboards for display within the classroom.  Each individual in the class would then choose a specific disease that was reported on and write a one page comparison/contrast response of how the same disease is seen and treated by different cultures throughout the world.  The students would be assessed on participation (25%), quality and thoroughness of research (25%), presentation of materials (25%), and written response (25%).