Volunteering in Barra de Potosi

MArch 13 FLyerThere are several wonderful projects in La Barra. Contact the folks below and contribute your passion. I met two amazing women (and I hear there are many more) who have played a leadership role in several projects. Double click on flyer to read.

View the children at the March 13 La Bara Workshop

Art Made in Zihua

Local Schools  and other projects. I bought a very unique place mat which was actually a lovely acrylic painting. : Barbara Erickson and more Barbaras (that was a popular name about 50 or 60 years ago!)  have been active with these projects.  Barbara also rents a casita on her magnificent and elegant property in  Barra.  Click here

LABArra MArcy
LABArra MicelaneaThere are wonderful restaurants along the beach and opportunities to kayak in the mangrove shoreline.
When you are full of LA TAlla you can hop into a hammock for your siesta. We have so much to learn.

Teaching Human  Relations for the last 15 years has made me insatiably curious regarding cultural differences and I was struck with the name of the local miscelanea (means corner store).  You can not get much more credible than this… and supported by Coca Cola!   I will leave the deconstruction of this to others.

LaBArra LAura

Laura Kelly is Coordinator of the Children’s Library Project of Barra de Potosi.   La Biblioteca de los Ninos de la Barra de Potosi.   For more than 15 years this has been a fantastic thriving program based entirely on volunteer participation and entirely free for the community of  Barra de Potosi. They are a legally constituted civil association (private non-profit ngo). They have provided after school homework support, classes and fun activities plus other community services such as distribution of school supplies and community garden space. Their volunteers have traditionally also provided assistance to our local teachers in the kindergarden and secondary school programs during the morning hours, usually English classes but also other activities with the students. Laura has made the difficult decision to pass the leadership. She seeks funding to support a new coordinator which she hopes will be a Mexican national. Help her take the library to its the next evolution!

Laura also shares her most fabulous and typical Mexican La Casa with visitors. Click here for details.  Casa del Encanto  B&B  Barra de Potosi
011 (52)(755)124-6122 lauragecko2@hotmail.com

Laura has joined the Sunflower Project: Her haiku about the third state of life!!

Laura, from Barra de Potosi, Mexico suggests we think of this next phase of our life as….

Tercera Vida  Third Life

Your thoughts?

Haiku Poems from Todo Mundo
January 2015 Melbourne, Florida
Conch Key  February 2015
Merida, Mexico February 2015
Zihuatanejo, Mexico March 2015

‘Once thought this was sad end time.
Turns out it’s treasure time.
How’s that for a nice surprise?’

Hasta pronto,
Casa del Encanto 

LABArra Bob


La Barra 027




Contrary to popular rumor. La Barra has EXCELLENT high speed internet!!

I have been playing around with possible products local folks could make for sale with gringo/a appeal.

What do you think of these?

Avocate pit carvings

CArved avocato pit masks

Bridges, B Masacara de Aguacate UnoArte1 Arte2




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