Tips on getting to the Cottage


Air Arrival

Bangor , Maine is where you are going.   You can connect in Philly, Detroit, NYC or Boston.


There is only one airline that goes into  Maine…it is a Delta affiliate (changes all the time). If you are renting a car… you may want to drive from Boston since it often costs as much to fly from your home to Boston as it does to fly from Boston to Bangor.  About  a 4 hour drive.  HOWEVER…it is almost impossible to get back to make your flight out  in Boston in one day.  You can NOT count on traffic, accidents, construction and just plain getting lost driving in Boston.  What most people do is get a hotel and then have two days to drive down, see the sights on the way and in Bean Town and dump the car on the way out.


The address at the cottage is 58 Hersey Retreat Road, Sandy Point, Maine 04972. Use Map Quest for the correct location.