The Death of Feminism


The Death of Feminism: Revelations of the Third Wave

PAige portrait

Portrait of Barbara Bridges by Paige Dalinger

January 24, 2016    1:00-3:00
Main Gallery  Minneapolis College of  Art and Design 2501 Stevens Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55404
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Postcard Invite by Andrea Edstrom

This discussion will include a number of hot topics and personal perspectives focused on how young people who identify as women navigate the art world today. The conversation is open to the public and will use a modified Open Space Technology to engage the participants. Artists assisting include: Kate Renee, Carolina Borja and Andrea Edstrom, as well as Barbara Rogers Bridges as moderator. This event is sponsored by the Minnesota Women’s Caucus for Art.

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Exhibition Opening on January 21, 2016
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Emerging Trends and Topics with January 24 outcomes and contact going forward
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Carolina, KAteRenee and Andrea



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More information about the purpose and format of this discussion See entire Death of Feminism proposal

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Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover. Facts. Humor. Fake Fur.

This discussion is part of  the Guerrilla Girls Takeover in Minneapolis in January 2016. All Events:

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We we honored with 80 participants attending.

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More information about the purpose and format of this discussion See entire Death of Feminism proposal

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