Resources: 3. Art As Social Change: Is it All About The Money? Facilitator: Barbara Bridges


 Lead Poisoning     Amanda Wiles, Co-Producer

Communication  This Situation    Click Here  Tino Sehgal   A Review

Water Quality  Route 1 Project   Barbara Bridges



Multiple World View


Participatory Art

Notes on Social Practice- Michael Stone-Richards

Relational Aesthetics

Should Artists be Agents for Social Change?

50 Titles: 50 Perspectives

What is Social Practice Art? 

All the Single Ladies.  Book on singleness

Women and Money -Singleness  Mini-Literature Review

Wife’s Career First

Body Image Toys and the Market Place:
We lived to see Matel give a nod to current market research!
Barbie for the 21st Century

How does being a woman inform financial decisions?
Bridges Research Project

Transcending Race: But n Not the 24″ Waist
Women and Money Exhibition

1. What is the worst art thing you have ever done for money?